Best Open Source Tools For Developers 🛠

Best Open Source Tools For Developers 🛠

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The best thing is all the apps below are free and Open Source. Let's get started 🏃🏻‍♂️

1. Screencat 🙀

🖥 Platform availability: All Platforms

🔗 Github LinkScreencat

This next app makes screen sharing super easy. You can share your desktop with someone else while letting them share your mouse and keyboard remotely. It's built in electron.js.

2. Manta 💸

🖥 Platform availability: All Platforms

🔗 Github LinkManta

The most frustrating part of any freelance gig is sending an invoice to the client. Searching a template online and then editing it in a word processor takes a lot of time and the result still looks ugly. Try Manta, a desktop application for creating invoices with beautiful and customizable templates. It will make the work hassle-free for you.

3. Brave Browser

🖥 Platform availability: All Platforms

🔗 Github LinkBrave

Privacy and security should be everyone's top priority, and that's what I always talk about on my blog also. A browser is the first thing on the list when it comes to changing apps for the sake of privacy. Google tracks a lot of your data from Google Chrome, even if you are using a VPN. Use Brave, it's free and Open Source. Check some other cool apps for online privacy here

4. Mark text 📝

🖥 Platform availability: All Platforms

🔗 Github LinkMarktext

Markdown is awesome and so are the markdown editors. There are many open source Markdown editors but Mark Text is the coolest I know. It has live preview which is one of my favorite features. Give it a try.

5. IconGenerator 👾

🖥 Platform availability: Only MacOS

🔗 Github LinkIconGenerator

If you have worked on Electron or made an iOS app, you know the pain of generating icons of various sizes. This nifty little app helps you do that very gracefully.

6. VMD 🌁

🖥 Platform availability: All Platforms

🔗 Github Linkvmd

A simple yet very handy tool. It gives you GitHub themed preview of any file. Can easily be installed using npm. It has some other cool options also, check them out on their Github page.

7. Insomnia 😴

🖥 Platform availability: All Platforms

🔗 Github LinkInsomnia

Insomnia is a cross-platform REST client, built on top of Electron. It has various plugins that you can easily install with npm and increase its functionality.

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